Ritu Khanum gets Certificate of Gratitude for her service to hockey


Ritu Khanum was presented with the Certificate of Gratitude from the AHF Event and Sport Director Ms Elisabeth Fuerst. This certificate was presented to Ritu Khanum during the half time of Bangladesh vs Korea Match in Hero Asian Champions Trophy Dhaka 2021 on 18 December 2021 at Maulana Bhashani Hockey Stadium Dhaka.

The AHF Certificate of Gratitude is presented as an acknowledgment to individuals who do a high-value service to the development of hockey in the region. Ritu Khanum has contributed a great deal to the development of hockey in Bangladesh. She has been the captain of Bangladesh National Women’s Hockey Team. She is currently working as a coach in BKST hockey club in Dhaka. She has dedicated her life to the promotion and growth of hockey among women in Bangladesh. For her wide service, she was presented with a certificate of gratitude.


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