SEA Games 2023 Men’s & Women’s Field Hockey – DAY 7

The last two matches of the tournament before the final were played between Malaysia and Indonesia and Singapore vs Thailand.


Matches that would define positions in the standings since the final was assured for Malaysia and Thailand for tomorrow, May 16.

Malaysia 6 vs Indonesia 0 (WOMEN)

The match between Malaysia and Indonesia started with a very sunny day, unbeatable to play a field hockey match.

IBRAHIM Nasihin’s team was strong in their match, scoring six goals. The goal scorers were SYAFI Nurmaizatul,ZULKIFLI Nuramirah x2,MOHD Khairunnisa x2 and AZHAR Nur.

The women in white did everything very well in the match to play a sensational game ahead of tomorrow’s grand finale, while the women in red wanted at least to score some points or goals to improve their status, but they could not achieve it with the great leaders of this tournament.

Tomorrow the women’s national team will play the final between Malaysia and Thailand.

Singapore 1 vs Thailand 0 (WOMEN)

The last match of the women’s competition was between Singapore vs Thailand, the third against the second of the table.

Although tomorrow’s final against Malaysia is set to be played by Thailand, Singapore wanted to give one last dance by taking the three points and getting on the podium.

The match was extremely even with both teams defending and attacking equally. Singapore had many chances to score, but they were also dedicated to blocking the spaces so that the Thai finalists could not reach the circle so easily.

The goalkeepers did a fantastic job of blocking balls that could have changed the story, but it was only in the 40th minute that SIM Valerie made it 1-0 and the girls in red would take their last match.

Thailand, on the other hand, will save their strength to play with all their power tomorrow against the talented team from Malaysia.

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