SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 3

The third day at the 2023 Southeast Asian Games at the Dinosaur Park Hall,


Phnom Penh, Cambodia passed leaving many definitions in the standings for both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Some begin to define their places at the top of the table and others struggle not to be at the bottom of the table of both championships.


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Indonesia 20 vs Philippines 0 (MEN)

The first match of the day was between Indonesia who is occupying the second place and is on track to reach the grand final on Sunday, while on the other side is the Philippine team that cannot find its game in the FOP and will try to recover its 0 points by Saturday.

Indonesia scored 20 goals, 9 of them in the first fifteen minutes of the game scored by PRAWESTI Candra, ALFIANA Muhamad x 7, SANTOSO Prima. Although Philippines tried to maintain its defense, it was not possible and RAJ Dhaarma’s team did not stop the machine and scored 11 more goals, from the seventeenth to the thirty-ninth minute. These goals were scored by FIRDAUS Muhammad, ALFIANA Muhamad x3, PRILIANDRO Revo, RAHMAD Astri x 3, FIRDAUS Muhammad, GUNTARA Andrea and SANTOSO Prima.

With this victory, Indonesia consolidates its second place and waits for Cambodia the local team to have confidence and score even more goals. On the other hand, the team led by GALICIA Christian needs to pick up their heads as they have 0 points in the competition and will be looking for the feat against Singapore tomorrow May 4th.


Philippines 1 vs Indonesia 14 (WOMEN)

In the women’s competition, the first match of the day was Philippines vs. Indonesia, the first in the standings against the last. Indonesia came out to the FOP to keep scoring goals and points for their team, while the Philippine team sought to maintain a solid team that could stop the Indonesian team.

This was not enough, and the team led by EL ISLAMY Annur scored 14 goals, five of which were penalty corners. The goals converted by Indonesia were by WARDANI Desi x 3, AULIA Rahma Dwi x 2, EL ISLAMY Annur x2, PATMAWATI x2, MELIS Ai x 3, SINCE Novita x2.

While the Philippine’s goal was scored by LUMBO Jaylene.

Indonesia will be looking to consolidate its place at the top against Thailand, while Philippines does not want to be last and will be looking for its first win against Singapore tomorrow.


Singapore 0 vs Malaysia 5 (MEN)

Another match that promised action was the second match of the men’s competition between Singapore and Malaysia. One has the fourth place, while the other has won the first place by goal difference with the second.

The match was tough and even for both teams, the referee gave several cards and some of them yellow cards so there were moments of the match when both teams were at a disadvantage.

It was only in the 8th minute that ABDUL Danial scored the first goal for his team, so that 5 minutes later from a penalty corner AZHAR Muhamad scored the partial 2-0 to take the lead.

Although the team led by PONIRIN Redzuan had their chances, they were unable to score.

It was in the last minutes of the game that Malaysia wanted to seal the match and scored three more goals by MOHD Faridzul, CHOLAN Syed, AZHAR Muhamad who scored again in the end.

With the 5-0 result, Malaysia remains partially at the top of the standings and awaits Thailand in its next match, while Singapore wants to raise its head against Philippines.


Malaysia 0 vs Thailand 0 (WOMEN)

In the women’s competition, the second and third teams in the standings faced each other in an extremely even match, where both teams had chances to score but neither could score.

Malaysia had just beaten the Philippine team by 14 goals to 0, so they came with a lot of confidence and strength for this difficult match, while Thailand had just beaten the local team Cambodia by 9 goals to 0.

It was expected to be a tough match with a lot of back and forth, but neither of the two coaches could come up with a strategy to break the other’s defense.

The red and white team tried to play their game with their captain SHABUDDIN Norsharina at the helm, but the blue team prevented any kind of entry into the box to make them as uncomfortable as possible. For their part, the blue team had several penalty corner chances but could not take advantage of any of them.

The match ended 0-0, Malaysia remains in second place, while Thailand remains in third place on goal difference. The Thai team will go for a win against Indonesia who holds the first place, while Malaysia will play against Cambodia the host of these games.


Cambodia 1 vs Thailand 7 (MEN)

Last match of Day 3 of the men’s competition, the home team played against the Thai team looking for their place in the final.

The home team had just lost against Singpore in a very tough match in which they were able to score one goal, but it was not enough, while Thailand had just lost against Indonesia by only 3 goals.

Both teams had and wanted to show what they came to this tournament for, and the initiative was taken by Cambodia who scored in the first minute of the game with a goal by RASHEED Ammar from a penalty corner to make it 1-0. This was not enough as Cambodia was left with that first goal without being able to score any other and Thailand advanced with 7 goals that allowed them to comfortably win the game once they took control of the ball. The goals came from BOONPEA Warun x3, A-NUKOON Warawutx2, SORI Kittithat, SUKWONG Pongpon, one of them from penalty stroke and two from penalty corner.

This result gave the team led by SAFAEI Esfandyar some breathing space as it leaves them in third place, only 3 points behind the second place which they will try to achieve by winning tomorrow against the difficult Malaysian team. On the other hand, the host will be looking for their first 3 points against Indonesia.


Singapore 0 vs Cambodia 0 (WOMEN)

Last match of the third day of competition in the women’s tournament between Singapore and Cambodia. Both had just lost their matches yesterday, Singapore against Indonesia, while the host lost against Thailand. One is in fourth place and the other in fifth place and they were looking to take advantage of each other to get the first 3 points in these SEA Games.

The match was very even, where both teams blocked as best, they could, but above all they were looking for entries to the circle to be able to break the rival goals.

In the last minutes of the game, Cambodia through SAROEU Vun scored their first goal to take the lead for the first time in the tournament.

The match ended 1-0 for the host and it was all happiness for the hosts.

Singapore will play tomorrow against Philippines to try to get their first 3 points, while Cambodia will go for another win against the great team from Malaysia.


Watch the SEA Games Cambodia Hockey Matches Live on AHF Official YouTube


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