SEA Games 2023 Women’s & Men’s Indoor Hockey – DAY 6

Last day of competition at the SEA Games 2023 Indoor Hockey Women & Men.


Today the first and second places were defined in the finals between Malaysia vs Indonesia in the men’s competition. The Malaysian team reached this final having won all the matches they played with 15 points, while Indonesia won all the matches except for the one played against Malaysia yesterday by the minimum.

Today would be a match to be aware of as both teams were left wanting to give more yesterday and today in the final they would meet again.

For the women’s competition, Malaysia vs Thailand, two teams that were able to win many games in this tournament, having scored 13 and 11 points respectively, with those numbers they both managed to reach the final of the SEA Games 2023 in the Women’s tournament.

Malaysia 3 vs Indonesia 3 (1 – 2 SO) (MEN)

In a final that had everything, with many people around expectant to see a real SEA Games final, Malaysia wanted to take the lead from the beginning of the game and that is how ABDUL Danial put the yellow team in the lead after 16 minutes of play to make it 1-0.

Although RAJ Dhaarma’s men made their attempts from the circle without success, they were unable to equalize the match against Malaysia.

The yellow machine did not let a minute go by and in the 21st minute OMAR Firdaus made it 2-0 with a penalty corner.

Three minutes later MOHD Faridzul made it 3-0, putting the team in a comfortable result that would allow them to play more relaxed mentally but not physically, as they had to run to defend as Indonesia was going to respond.

The team in red had chances that they could not take advantage of, and it was in the 37th minute that FIRDAUS Muhammad scored for his team making the game 3-1. Two minutes later Indonesia seemed to have no intention of letting this game go so easily and managed to make it 3-2 with a goal by RAHMAN Ferdian to start alerting Malaysia to what was about to happen. In the last play of the match ALFIANA Muhamad scored a penalty corner to tie the game 3-3 with the entire bench and the crowd in red in disbelief as in three minutes they had changed the history of the match.

Malaysia could not sustain their result and with the tie they went directly to shoot outs where the red team gave the surprise of the tournament and won 2-1, becoming champions of the SEA Game Cambodia 2023 Men’s competition.

In this way the first place went to Indonesia, the second place to Malaysia and the third place to Thailand.

Congratulations to all of them for the excellent tournament!




Malaysia 0 vs Thailand 0 (1 – 2 SO) (WOMEN)

In the last match of the tournament the final would be played between Malaysia and Thailand, both made a great tournament to reach this final.

The match started with turbulence for both teams as both OSMAN Mohd and SAFAEI Esfandyar were looking to hurt in the circles, but at the same time they were trying to get their players up and down throughout the match to attack well but defend even better. They knew that any loose or spinning ball could be dangerous if their teams were not well positioned.

During the 40 minutes there were no goals, even though both teams had chances they could not score and that is why in this final they also had to go to shoot outs.

In this case there was also a surprise because although Malaysia kept the first place in the standings throughout the tournament they could not in this instance, and it was the Thai team who won 2-1 and was crowned champion of the SEA Game Cambodia 2023 Women’s competition.

In this way Thailand took the first place, Malaysia took the second place and Indonesia finally took the third place in the women’s podium.

Congratulations to all the teams for participating in these SEA Games 2023 Indoor Hockey!


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