Singapore beats Hong Kong in a challenging contest



First loss in this qualifier for Hong Kong China, the leader of the standings lost against a tidy Singapore that knew how to channel the spaces, blocking the strengths of HKC and taking advantage of their opportunities to take the victory.

It was to be expected, considering that the two strongest teams of this Women’s Asian Games Qualifier 2022 would face each other. Singapore had won 3 matches in a row, so their attitude was very high, and they had everything to give on the court.

The match was very even, where both teams had chances to score, but Singapore knew how to block HKC’s shots, while they made some mistakes in defense that earned a goal for their rival.

It was not until the 49th minute that SIM Valerie (penalty corner specialist) managed to drag a shot into the top of the net to give her team a 1-0 victory. The 21-year-old player has stood out in every game for her penalty corner finishing, she has fantastic technique and with her young age she will surely continue to grow.

This time although the team led by LAU Pui Sze did not achieve the victory but played a very good game where they were unlucky at the time of converting.

Hong Kong China played its last match today and will be first unless Singapore wins and scores more goals than the team led by Arifali.

Singapore had an excellent campaign in this qualifying tournament and will play against Kazakhstan tomorrow June 14 to define their positions in the standings.

The best player of this match was none other than number 30, Valerie Sim who scored the winning goal and has a very important role in her team, she is only 21 years old.

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