Singapore – pestas Sukan 2022

“Pesta Sukan" is a Malay phrase for the Festival of Sports. "Pesta" means festival and "sukan" means sports.

Singapore – pests Sukan 2022
“Pesta Sukan” is a Malay phrase for the Festival of Sports. “Pesta” means festival and “sukan” means sports.
The festival was aimed at providing an opportunity for sportsmen and women to get together in camaraderie and goodwill and to raise the standard of sports through friendly competition.
The first Singapore sports festival was conceived by Singapore’s then Ministry of Culture and held from 4 – 12 December 1964.
Hockey5s is a super-fast, highly skillful, short format of hockey that is designed to be adaptable to multiple surfaces, environments, and spaces. Hockey5s was first played in preparation for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games,
Hockey5s is an invasion game played between two teams with 4 field players and a goalkeeper. There was a total of 735 participants.
The event was held between 30th, 31st July 2022, 6th & 7th August 2022 at Sengkang Hockey Pitch.
The categories and results were;
[Under 12 Mixed]
1st – AHA Team 1
2nd – AHA Team 4
3rd – The Hockey School
[Under 15 Boys]
1st – SJI Team B
2nd – ACSBR-QSS Team 5
3rd – The Hockey SCChool
[Under 15 Girls]
1st – SCC
2nd – Kilat A
3rd – AHA U15 Girls
[Under 19 Boys]
1st – DUBS
2nd – Powerpuff Girls
3rd – Eagles
[Under 19 Girls]
1st – PPS
2nd – EJ1
3rd – SCC
[Open Boys]
2nd – ORA Hockey 1
3rd – ORA Hockey 2
[Open Girls]
1st – SCC Gold
2nd – HDL
3rd – Team Crescent
[Masters – Mixed]
1st – Hockey Kakis
2nd – SCC Black
3rd – Team HI
Special mention to ActiveSG, Team Nila, The Umpires, and Competition Manager – Suketu C Khabaria for the success of Pesta Sukan 2022!
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