Singapore takes over Uzbekistan in an exciting competition



Saturday at GBK Sports Complex, in Jakarta Indonesia, where Singapore and Uzbekistan faced each other to start defining the positions in the table that will get or not the ticket for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, which was rescheduled to another date due to the Covid-19 pandemic for 2023.

The team coached by David Viner has a third win and a draw to be placed in the second position of the table, while the Uzbek team wants to continue to fight for the fifth place (which for now would leave them out of the Asian Games) but anything can happen in these last matches. Although they had just won against Indonesia, this time it was not enough to take the 3 points.

The match started quite even, with both teams well positioned trying to attack, but you could see that the red team had more development in their game from the middle of the court, while the blue and white team took advantage of the mistakes of the team led by Puay Ho.

Singapore came out with a lot of energy in the third quarter, and it was in the 31st minute that the very captain and figure of this team Puay Ho who was inside the circle to take a cross where the ball was spinning in front of the goalkeeper, and she arrived first to push it and make it 1-0 for her team.

Two minutes into the final quarter, SIM Valerie broke through the back line and put in a cross that ended up in KAMILOVA Malika’s goal.

With the 2-0 lead they continued until the final minute, thus achieving their third victory in this tournament.

With this result Singapore would be qualifying for the Asian Games but there are still some matches to play. The Uzbek team must win all the remaining matches if they want to stay in the fifth position and qualify for the Asian Games 2023.

Singapore will play Hong Kong China on Monday, June 13, while the blue and white will play Cambodia on the same day.

The best player of the match was player No. 30 Valerie Sim, who scored the second goal of the victory and proves to be a fundamental pillar for her team.

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