South East Asian Games Philippines 2019 – Review of Day 2

Juan Budes

Men’s SEA Games 2019: 

Malaysia’s first match of the tournament proved their strength as they scored a goal against Myanmar by 6-0 12-1, getting three points. The debutants still can’t find their place in the cup yet as they lost their second game in a row.

Thailand holds 1st place in the table with six points after an impressive win against the Philippines by 5-0. The Thai’s set out their stall early in the game with three quick goals in the first ten minutes, followed but two more later on. With this result, the host nation’s chances to advance to semi-finals seem difficult at this point as they have zero points so far.

Women’s SEA Games 2019:

On the second day, Malaysia continued their excellent start after yesterday’s game, beating Singapore 3-0, leading the table with six points. The Malaysians showed a good performance with a strong defense that kept the Singaporeans women away from their goal.

Thailand, a fan favorite in the tournament, opened the score against the Philippines in the minute 3’. Four more goals followed, finishing the match 5-0 and winning three points. The host nation meanwhile is at the bottom of the table with zero points.

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