Men’s SEA Games 2019: 

The much-anticipated match of the tournament took place today, as Malaysia and Thailand face in what was the most challenging game so far. Both teams played well and it was exciting to watch them, but Malaysia took the honors, winning 2-0, earning three points and holding 1st place in the table.

Meanwhile, in a head to head match, Singapore got three points with their third goal during the Second Half against Myanmar, beating them 3-2. The Singaporeans now hold 3rd place with six points.

Women’s SEA Games 2019:

A very competitive game between Malaysia and Thailand took place today, where both teams had very good performances. In the last five minutes, the Malaysians scored the 2-2 and the match ended in a tie. The team holds 1st place with seven points thanks to goal difference.

The Philippines got its first victory in the tournament against Cambodia by 4-3. The host nation opened the score early on and kept control of the game until the Cambodians counter-attacked equalizing the score. But the Filipinos got the upper hand it was not almost by the end of the match that they scored their 4th goal and won the match.

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