Tajikistan celebrated 2018’s Spring with a vast range of sporting activities, including a sport which is gaining more and more popularity in Central Asia, Hockey. Tajikistan Hockey Association organized multiple hockey events in various areas across the country. Young participants displayed strong talent and temperament to play in front large audiences that gathered around the venues to support the local, upcoming stars and heroes for Tajikistan Hockey.

Tajikistan is one the leading nations in the development of hockey on the grassroots level. Schools and communities are engaging and integrating themselves more and more with the sport. Asian Hockey Federation, in collaboration with the Federation of Hockey of Tajikistan, organized numerous Coaching Courses in the country last year. This year, AHF Equipment Support program, provided Hockey Sticks, Hockey Balls, Goal Keeper Kits and more to the Federation who have been active in extending the reach and enhancing the accessibility of hockey facilities for its nationals. Due to the collaboration between AHF and Tajikistan Hockey Federation, 5 new hockey-playing regions have been developed in Tajikistan, including the historic town of Rudaki.

About the AHF Development and Education Program 2018

The Asian Hockey Federation aims to assist the technical staff with the AHF Development and Education Program 2018. The development activities in training coaches, umpires, and technical officials are progressing faster than ever with more and more Asian federations taking productive participation in the courses.

The courses are designed to combine experienced people to present the methods to play, coach, officiate and manage the sport of hockey. The participants are exposed to the best strategies and protocols to manage teams and high-level tournaments. The courses are divided into 4 levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Umpiring and Coaching along with High Performance. To move through the ranks of coaching, umpiring and technical officials a participant must successfully complete each level.

The aim of the AHF Education and Development Program 2018 is to provide a simplified education structure and resources for AHF Members Nations. All nations will have the opportunity to access the program pathway at an appropriate level.

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