Sri Lanka Level 2 Online National Coaching Course – Day 1 – Powered by AirAsia & Ouken


The Sri Lanka AHF level 2 online coaching course kicked off today, there was a lot of planned activities for all the participants on Day 1. The course started with opening remarks from AHF CEO Dato Tayyab Ikram, he mainly talked about the current COVID-19 situation and the development of hockey in Asia.

The course educators gave an introduction and explained their concerns, and explained what to expect from the whole experience, afterwards there was a discussion about the FIH Academy and the workshop. Later on in the day, members were explained 3 modules, Role of the Coach, Preparing to Coach and Planning a Session.

Towards the end of the day, the topic of discussion was based on technical skills, participants were shown video examples for better understanding. Lastly, the offline task assigned to participants was to plan a game scenario in small groups.

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