Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2022 – DAY 3

Day three of the tournament



At the Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium, Ipoh, on a cloudy day started with an electrifying match where Japan was coming off a loss against Korea and Pakistan were coming off a draw against the home side.

Pakistan started the match winning it in the 17th minute with an extraordinary goal from panelty corner, with a spectacular drag flick from KHAN Sufyan Muhammad, the 18-year-old player. Japan tried to channel the game a little and looked for their chances in the box, but it was again KHAN Sufyan Muhammad who converted from a penalty corner to give his team a 2-0 lead.

It was not until the third quarter that the Reds began to look for the game, with clear chances on goal and it was in the 43rd minute that FUKUDA Kentaro managed to deflect a spectacular ball to make the game 2-1. TAKAHASHI Akira’s side were getting bigger, and it was in the 55th minute that a tricky move from the side saw KAWABE Kosei score a wonderful goal to give his side the equaliser.

Although they had other chances to win it, they were unable to convert.

The match ended 2-2, Japan will play South Africa tomorrow and Pakistan will play the group’s strongest team, Korea.


The second match of the day pitted Egypt against Korea, two strong teams who have been proving that they want to be at the top of this Cup. Korea had beaten Japan in their last match, while Egypt had won 3-0 against South Africa. Korea held on to first place in the table and had the opportunity to extend their lead and try to take advantage. Korea had won both of their two matches, with a dynamic game, a lot of goalscoring and several key players. For their part, Egypt had started the tournament losing against Japan, but then recovered and beat the South African team.

It was a match that could be played on equal terms with the same playing options and the same scope when attacking and defending.

With the rain at times a nuisance to play in, the teams had chances to score throughout the match, with penalty corners but no success in getting the ball into the net. Korea had a goal disallowed as it was deemed dangerous.

The goalkeepers also deserve credit as both kept a clean sheet and did not take advantage of each other.

With 1 point each, Egypt will face home side Malaysia tomorrow while Korea will take on Pakistan to try to stay top of this cup so far.


The last match of the day kicked off at the Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium with rain that had passed and looked set to return.

The home team coached by ANTHONI Arul was coming from a 1-1 draw with Pakistan looking to get out of the last position in the table. For their part the African team had lost their last match against Egypt, knowing that the match against the host of the tournament would not be easy but they needed to take points to go in search of the top places.

The match started with a goal from the 20-year-old FORESTIER Cameron Yves Norman, who gave his team the lead after 12 minutes of play.

After this first goal in the 13th minute the authorities decided to postpone the match due to heavy rainfall.

The match will be continued on Sunday, 6th Nov at 5:00pm

The teams will have to wait to close the match and see who will take the 3 points.

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