Test Hockey Series takes place between Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

Danish Yazdani

A Test Hockey Series just took place this month in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It was held during the duration of 4th May – 11th May 2019. Preceding the tournament was a training camp in which teams took part to hone their skills. Tajikistan Hockey Federation formally invited the Kazakhstan hockey team to come and participate in a test hockey match series in Dushanbe, which was the second such event as in the previous year there had been a similar tournament. This tournament was part of an exchange training program which has been going on for two years now. Tajikistan has two participating teams in this tournament.

The tournament completed as a huge success, and the officials and staff that were present there included: Ms. Ekaterina Yusupova (President), Mr. Sher Ali (General Secretary), Sultan Qublandin (Head of Delegation, Tajikistan), Mr. Qurbanov (Technical Director), Mr. Asoev (Umpire Manager), and Technical Staff including Mr. Dilshod, Mr. Khusrav, Mr. Abdul Wahab, Mr. Naeem, and Mr. Sunatullah. During the tournament NOC Officials and Government Officials were present at the stadium.

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