The 1st Kai Tak Mini Hockey Tournament (Round 2) will be held on the 29th April 2023 (Saturday) at King’s Park Hockey Ground.

This time is ROUND 2 as many J10 and J12 kids who were helpers last time wanted to participate in this fun event as well. 

Here is your chance to win a special medal but at the same time give back to society. We are sure that you have toys that you don’t want to play with anymore or exercise clothes that are too small for you to wear now. Bring them along as this time we cooperated with two NGOs that can donate your toys and clothes to the needies.
Green ToysLand Limited will be in charge of recycling your toys and giving them out to underprivileged children in Hong Kong. Please make sure the toy that you are donating needs to be in good condition and is suitable for primary school students. Toddlers toys, toys from fast food chains, bicycles and stuffed toys are not suitable to be donated.
At the same time, RUN needs your exercise clothes! Bring them along so that refugees in Hong Kong and beyond can have proper clothing to do sports as we all know sports can change one’s life!
Coaches, parents and anyone that see this post, join this activity by bringing your unwanted clothes and toys to King’s Park from 9am to 1:30pm on the 29th April! See you all there!
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