The 22nd ranked U.S. Men’s National team is scheduled to travel to Hangzhou, China to participate in a 3-Nations Tournament.


The other two teams participating will be No. 9 ranked South Korea and No.24 China, the tournament will kick off from August 15 to 26. The venue for the series is  Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium, this tournament is a great opportunity for the U.S. Men’s team to prepare for the 2023 Pan American games with a total of 6 matches to be played per team.


“As we embark on this incredible journey to China, we embrace the spirit of camaraderie and competition that will provide us to test ourselves prior to the [Pan American Games],” said Harry Singh, USMNT Head Coach. “It will be litmus test for us, where we are likely to see how far we reached after mix result in our Europe tour. Our encounters with the formidable teams of China and South Korea will be thrilling tests of skill, strategy and determination.” “

“Together, we strive to elevate the global standard of field hockey, with each game bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal of qualifying for the prestigious Paris 2024 Olympic Games.”

It’s all set to be a competitive tournament and a great chance for all the player’s to showcase their skills.

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