The 5th Grand Master Hockey Asian Cup kicks off to a roaring start

Seung Jin Yoo

The 5th edition of the Grand Master Hockey Asian Cup has started from 17th to 23th of October in Donghae City, South Korea.

The participating teams are:

Hong Kong




Singapore Southern Cross from Australia

LX Club England


The first day of the tournament saw very nice weather with the sun out in its full glory for the Opening Ceremony.

60-65 year old players played hard against each other and the competitive spirit was high throughout the event. Hockey was enjoyed thoroughly by the players and it even led to some funny moments! Over two hundred players participated in the tournament.

We must respect them as hockey family and elder hockey players!


The second day of the tournament turned up the excitement to a whole new level.

Every player displayed excellent sportsmanship and proved to be great role models for the younger generation by displaying their passion for the game and supporting and encouraging each other.


Photos courtesy of Lim In Sun

Article courtesy of Seung Jin Yoo (AHF Executive Board Member, AHF Representative at the tournament)

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