The 63rd National Classification Competition tournament Live-streaming


The 63rd National Classification Competition is being live streamed by the Korean Hockey Federation on their YouTube channel. People interested in watching the tournament live shouldn’t waste a minute and should subscribe to the YouTube channel.

The tournament takes place at the Donghae Sunrise Hockey Stadium from the July 17th to July 22nd. The schedule for the broadcasts is below (all times in Korea Standard Time):

July 17th (FRI)
09:30 Men’s College (Semi final)
12:10 Men’s College (Semi final)
14:40 Women’s College  (Semi final)
17:10 Women’s College  (Semi final)
July 18th (SAT)
12:10 Women’s Unemployment (Semi final)
14:40  Women’s Unemployment (Semi final)
17:10 Men’s  Unemployment (Final)
July 19th (SUN)
9:30  Men’s College (Final)
12:10 Women’s College (Final)
14:40 Women’s Unemployment (Final)
July 20th (MON)
9:30 Men’s High School (Semi final)
12:10  Men’s High School (Semi final)
14:40 Women’s Middle School (Semi final)
17:10 Men’s Middle School (Semi final)
July 21st (TUE)
9:30 Women’s High School (Semi final)
12:10  Women’s High School (Semi final)
14:40 Men’s High School (Final)
July 22nd (WED)
9:30  Women’s Middle School (Final)
12:10 Women’s High School (Final)
14:40 Men’s Middle School (Final)
Visit the YouTube Channel here.
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