The Cambodian Indoor Hockey Championship 2023


Has set the stage ablaze with an electrifying start, featuring a total of eight formidable teams—four in the men’s category and four in the women’s category. This prestigious tournament, hosted at Morodok techno hockey stadium promises a thrilling display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship as the teams vie for supremacy on the indoor hockey turf.
In the men’s division, the competition is fierce as Ministry of interior, Gya Kampong Cham, SokSan kam thom, and Pse phnom phenh, showcase their prowess in an intense battle for the championship title. With each team boasting a roster of skilled players, spectators are treated to fast-paced matches and strategic maneuvers that underscore the growing prominence of indoor hockey in Cambodia.
Simultaneously, in the women’s category, Ministry of interior, Am Eng fc Kampong speu, SokSan kam thom, and Pse phnom phenh, are making waves with their impressive displays of talent and teamwork. The matches have been a testament to the dedication and athleticism of the women athletes, showcasing the depth and diversity of talent in Cambodian women’s indoor hockey.

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