The first ever African Hockey Summit “Coaching without borders” is taking place now


To jump in on everything that happened in 2020, and hockey fans all over the world being hungry for getting their knowledge elsewhere, the AfHF is Co-hosting with the organizers “SportWays Africa” the very first African Hockey Summit. A free event featuring the best of both African and other continents’ coaches and players to showcase the best in African hockey and beyond. Through both education and inspiration, they leverage access to education.

Working together with SportWays, Hockey Dreams Foundation, Scorrd and Self-Pass, the African Hockey Summit is taking place from September 3 – 5. During the 3-day virtual summit, registered participants will be able to watch unique video content from top hockey players and coaches from all over the world. Expect both interviews and inspiring lectures from over 30 speakers who are world class players and coaches including Max Caldas, Shane McLeod, Marsha Cox, Ric Charlesworth, Alyson Annan, Gregg Clark, Paul Revington, Ongeziwe Mali, Austin Smith, Cedric D’Souza, Thomas Briels, Dr. Sherylle Calder, the Cassiem brothers and many more.

“We are super proud to be making African hockey history together with this virtual summit. Hockey people are truly amazing with Olympic coaches and players willing to contribute their time and expert knowledge to develop African hockey. All players and coaches from Africa and across the world are invited to join us to learn – it’s free!” Jack Thonissen, SportWays Africa

“Within our Hockey Dreams programmes, we see that our hockey coaches can actually make a difference through the power of sports. Keep things small, make a big impact. Education is key in that matter. This Summit is the gateway to offer that to African hockey and beyond.” Malou Janssen, Hockey Dreams Foundation

“It is with great pleasure to announce that the AfHF is endorsing and Co-hosting the 1st African Hockey Summit 2020. As the AfHF continuously works on developing and engaging African Officials and Umpires, we equally endorse and support all initiatives -alongside National Associations and Clubs- to develop and grow African coaches and players. This 1st edition of the African Hockey Summit features a well-rounded mix of talents from Africa and abroad and will surely capitalize on the concept of “coaching without borders”. I am looking forward to a rich and exciting 3-day online event where coaches and players can share their knowledge, experiences and best practices.” Seif Ahmed, President of African Hockey Federation (AfHF)

“Scorrd is the #1 online hockey community in the world and it’s free to join. We are super excited to be part of the first ever virtual African hockey summit. We will host a live chat and discussion segment on Scorrd, so all participants can share their thoughts about the different speakers.” Sébastien Commeyne, Scorrd

“Self-Pass changed the game on social media with over 100,000 passionate fans in every corner of the world. We are proud to be part of Africa’s hockey journey with this summit taking hockey to new and higher places!” Bernardo Fernandes, Founder of Self-Pass

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