The Help Side: Stories of a Hockey Life


The Australian Hockey Federation released a series of Podcasts called “The Help Side” that provides an insight into the minds and journeys of some of hockey’s elite and best-known players and characters. Starring Kookaburras forward Tom Craig, each episode goes through different experiences and stories that every hockey player or fan can relate to.

With an extended variety of topics, some of the themes touched include the challenges of a professional player transitioning from an athlete to a coach, what it’s like to live with a partner who is also an elite hockey player and the goalkeeping secrets to being the best in the world by an international award-winning goalkeeper.

Also, behind the scenes of some cracking stories from the Olympic games narrated in the first person that you won’t want to miss and the point of view from a sports journalist, talking about from TV coverage of field hockey and the Pro League to the domestic and international calendar. As well, superstar Aran Zalewski, the co-captain of the Australian men’s hockey team, talks about leadership, the professionalism required to make it to the top in elite sport, and how to keep it all balance.


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