The Indoor Hockey Forum will take place today!


The AHF is hosting the first-ever Indoor Hockey Forum today, which focuses on Coaching, Hosting, and Umpiring in relation to Indoor Hockey.

This forum is a first of a kind, meticulously designed by the AHF for the hockey community. The AHF Online Indoor Hockey Forum aims at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of Coaching, Umpiring and Event Hosting with respect to organising Indoor Hockey events. The forum will be curated with an aim at initiating discussions among the coaches, umpires & event organisers about Indoor Hockey across the continent.  The discussion will also touch upon the upcoming trend of Indoor Hockey being picked up world-wide and the basic difference between field hockey & Indoor Hockey events.

Participants from all over Asia and Africa are expected to take part in the forum, with top FIH Coaches & Experts to oversee the proceedings. They include Elisabeth Fuerst, Ged Curran, and Jens Lüninghöner.

The main agenda of the forum will be to highlight the importance of Indoor Hockey and it’s advantages. Jens will overlook the Coaching aspect of Indoor Hockey, whereas Elisabeth will overlook the Hosting aspect and Ged will be handling the Umpiring aspect.


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