The OCA Athletes Committee (AC) welcomes the statement from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Statement of OCA Athletes Committee


These points were discussed thoroughly during our OCA Athletes’ Forum in Bangkok held from March 18 & March 19, 2023. The OCA AC truly believes that the IOC recommended conditions reflect the feeling of athlete representatives in Asia.

The OCA Athletes’ Forum participants discussed the Olympic values and the principles of non-discrimination, with strong support that athletes should have access to sport and competition without any form of discrimination.

Regarding the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in international competitions, OCA AC and Asian athlete representatives had recommended that their re-introduction to international competition should come with clear conditions:

  • There should be no Russian or Belarusian government officials present.
  • Participation should be as strictly neutral athletes, meaning no flag or national symbols.
  • The athletes should compete clean, complying with all applicable anti-doping regulations.

These have all been included by the IOC in the recommended conditions published. OCA AC would like to again emphasize and be consulted to ensure fairness to Asian athletes in any qualification pathway, including the Asian Games.

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