The Peace Tournament, Afghanistan, concludes successfully!


The Peace Tournament is concluded successfully in Khost Province, Afghanistan. President Afghanistan Hockey Federation, Mustafa Sadaat congratulated the teams on a very successful tournament so far. The tournament was organized by the Afghanistan Hockey Federation.

The Teams taking part in the tournament were split into two groups, Group A and Group B. A total of ten teams are taking part in the tournament. The final match of the tournament took place on Friday. The finals took place between Markaz Hockey Team from Group (A) – Opposite Center Hockey Team
and Nadir Shah Kot Hockey (b) team from Group (b) vs. Delpuri (b) Hockey Team. The final was a very entertaining one, as all teams are strong and capable and include players from the National Team in them.

Khost sports director Azizul Rahman Malang and President Khost Province Hockey Association Mohammad Is Zadran, and Mr. Nadir Shah were also present for the game. They watched the game closely and they promised the athletes cooperation in the future and encouraged them to continue their sport. They awarded first place, second place, and cups and medals to all the athletes.

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