The Red Sticks Fly to Tokyo 2020

Juan Budes

The encounter started with a penalty-corner in favour of Korea, but it was perfectly saved by Maria Ruiz in the Red Sticks goal. Spain’s first penalty corner was badly executed as the ball flew harmlessly out of the circle. It was in the minute 12th when Begona Garcia was able to slam the loose ball inside the goal and open the score in today’s match. ┬áDuring the second quarter Korea got three consecutives penalty-corners but struggled to score each time, having difficulties to break-through the Spanish defence.

The Red Sticks started the 2nd half at a much higher tempo, with sharp skills and precise passing, while Korea seems lost in the field. In the minute 39th, the Koreans girls got a penalty-corner opportunity but missed the chance to equal de score. In the minute 55th, and thanks to a very well executed penalty score, Lola Riera sent her team into a 2-0 lead and a 4-1 in the aggregate score. The match ended, qualifying Spain for Tokyo 2020 in a game where both teams showed good performances but ultimately the locals won the ticket for next year’s Olympic Games.



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