The Vice-President AHF Ms Shin Jung Hee speaks about “the future of women in sports” at International Women’s Day Forum hosted by Korea Sports Association


Korea Sports Association in celebration of International Women’s Day organized International Women’s Day 2022 Forum.

Vice-President AHF, Vice-President Korea National Olympic Committee and Vice-President Korea Hockey Association – a renowned Sports Leader – Ms Shin Jung-Hee was invited as a guest speaker in the forum to speak awareness about how women are contributing equally in shaping the future of sports. The topic designated to her was “Together for a Shared Future”.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Shin narrated how women are contributing to a better future of sports and how sports are structuring bright futures for many women. She expressed her high hopes that in near future the sporting would become more gender-balanced and that the women participation would increase. She explained how she wanted sports to be free of religion, culture, gender, heredity, physical challenge, financial challenge. Just like the IOC Motto, she wanted women to be faster, higher, stronger, together for a better future. Ms Shin also explained how women could work together and what sports can do to help women grow.

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