Maybank 1 – 1 TNB

Maybank performed well in the first two quarters and managed to absorb the pressure of TNB’s current lineup of eight national players. Maybank instead used lightning strike tactics to trap TNB’s stronghold.

The tactic really worked with Maybank’s success ahead of TNB through Muhammad Syamim Naim Abd Hamid’s field goal in the 24th minute.

The position did not change until the fourth quarter when Maybank failed to block TNB captain Faiz Helmi Jali’s penalty corner in the 51st minute.

Realizing that only three full points could strengthen their respective chances, TNB and Maybank increased the tempo of the game but failed to change the situation.

The result means TNB is now slipping to third place while Maybank is down one rung (fourth) and needs to secure a win in the next two matches to ensure it stays in the top four.


THT 3 – 2 TNB Thunderbolts

THT managed to ensure that three points belonged to them despite being forced to fight hard before being able to put aside the opposition of the young TNB Thunderbolts 3-2.

National striker Faizal Saari was the savior when he scored THT’s winning goal which was also his eighth personal goal in the league so far.

TNB Thunderbolts had earlier taken advantage of THT’s delay which allowed them to press and then open the scoring through Muhammad Shahril Is’s field goal in the 20th minute.

However, THT equalized through a field goal by Muhammad Noor Firdaus Rosdi in the 21st minute before Muhammad Arif Syafie Ishak put the East Coast hockey giant in front two minutes later.

TNB Thunderbolts once again punished THT’s mistake through a field goal by Muhammad Syahir Hasif Harun which tied the score at 2-2 in the 30th minute.

THT should have been relieved to complete their fifth match with three full points when Faizal Saari managed to score the TNB Thunderbolts goal through a penalty corner four minutes after the second half began.


UniKL 3 – 0 UITM HA

UniKL maintained the momentum to continue to excel and top the league as the leader after beating UITM HA, 3-0 tonight.

After a stalemate in the first half without any goals, UniKL showed a pressing dominance of UITM HA with a fast game in the last two quarters.

Three minutes after the start of the second half, team captain Muhammad Marhan Mohd Jalil broke the deadlock with a field goal that managed to deceive the UITM HA goalkeeper.

Muhammad Razie Abd Rahim scored his seventh personal goal after blasting home through a penalty corner kick in the 44th minute, while senior player Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tengku Abdul Jalil, widened the gap through a beautiful field goal in the 47th minute, and it was also a personal goal. his second in league competition this season.


Sabah 2 – 1 Nurinsafi HT/Sports

Sabah recorded their first victory with three full points when they defeated Nurinsafi HT/Sports 2-1 in tonight’s match.

Syamim Yusuf’s field net ensured the victory of the state squad in Bawah Bayu and at the same time avoided falling to the bottom of the ladder.

Nurinsafi HT/Sports is still looking for a winning streak and has so far failed to collect any points after five matches.

Sabah opened the scoring as early as the eighth minute through Mohamad Syafiq’s field goal and continued to press Nurinsafi HT/Sports to add a goal until the end of the second half.

On the other hand, Nurinsafi HT/Sports surprised Sabah with Muhammad Syahmi Aiman Mat Jusoh’s equalizer in the 43rd minute which seemed to give the team some hope to collect points.

However, Syamim Yusuf ruined Nurinsafi HT/Sports’s dream when he completed the movement opportunity in the opponent’s “D” area to ensure Sabah’s absolute victory.



Tuesday, March 23, 2021


UniKL VS TNB Thunderbolts NHS 1

THT VS Nurinsafi HT/Sports NHS 2

UITM HA VS TNB (8 mlm) NHS 1

Maybank VS Sabah (8 pm) NHS 2


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