Tokyo 2020 Update: 5 point criteria set for selection of new President of Tokyo 2020


The Tokyo 2020 Candidate Selection Committee has set five criteria for the appointment of a new President following the resignation of Yoshirō Mori.

Mori had resigned from his role as the President of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

Tokyo 2020 Honorary President and Canon chief executive Fujio Mitarai was appointed chair of the Committee, which has equal gender representation and met yesterday for the first time.

Based on Mitarai’s proposal, eight of the Committee members settled on five criteria that would be necesary for the role:

1) A profound knowledge of the Olympics, Paralympics and sport in general

2. Understanding of the overall background of Tokyo 2020 and their current state of preparation

3. They must have a deep understanding of the principles of Tokyo 2020, including gender equality, diversity and inclusion, alongside the ability to actualise them during the Games.

4. An experience on the global stage, international profile and a sense of awareness

5. Organizational management skills and the ability to bring together diverse stakeholders.

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