UAE Development Update – Indoor Hockey Tournament concludes successfully!


The UAE Hockey Federation is taking great strides in Development of Hockey in it’s country. Great effort is being put in into the establishment of grass roots level hockey principles, and the younger generation is excited and willing to prove it’s worth on the pitch more than ever!

Ismael Ali Banna & Ateeq Al Madni are at the forefront of this initiative and are aiming to bring the national team into FIH Level competitions. Special focus is being placed on developing the youth of the country and also to engage the senior player through continuous activities.

This spot-light on Hockey in the UAE would like to showcase their latest achievement: A well-organized indoor hockey tournament that concluded recently in the UAE, organized by the UAE Hockey Federation.

A total of 6 teams took part in the tournament which was completely indoor. The teams included:

Elite Federation Team, Master Hockey Team, Golden Eagle Hockey Team, Federation Black Team, Falcons Hockey Team, and United Emirates Hockey Team.

It was hosted at the Al Mizhar Indoor Sports Hall in Dubai. The champions of the tournament and runner ups were given awards after the conclusion of the event in a prize distribution ceremony.

Raza Abidi was the leading technical official in the tournament. Secretary General UAEhF appreciated the efforts put in by Raza Abidi and other technical officials, stating that they had completed their duties with the highest standards upheld.

The AHF appreciates this initiative, and their broad policy of promoting Development in the field of hockey in the UAE. The AHF would like to appreciate this great effort put in by the UAE Hockey Federation and wishes them the best of luck in their journey to bring Hockey to the top in their country!


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