UTSC Hockey club organised Gulf Cup Indoor 6A side hockey tournament 12th Edition.

It was a great day in Hockey as event was held at Al Nasr Lesuireland Ice Rink.


It was for the first time that UAE Hockey Federation patronaged the event including the support from UAE National Olympic committee, General Authority of Sports and Dubai Sports Council. In this colorful event 25 teams participated in all categories of Men, Women and Masters.

Mr. Ahmed al Suwaidi, the Head of Technical Committee of UAE Hockey Federation was the Chief Guest. Mr. Usama FathAlla Technical Manager and Mr. Raza Abidi Chief Co-ordinator were also present & observed the event.
It was an honour
The Tournament Director Mr. Parvesh Kariyambath thanked everyone to make this event successful.
Mr. Shahnawaz N. V. the Chief Organiser of the tournament said it was a difficult time for me to arrange this event however we worked hard and managed to conduct this event with 25 team of all categories.
Everyone enjoyed playing hockey and we thanks UAE Hockey Federation for bringing up all support from the Government Entities like UAE National Olympic committee and General Authority of sports and Dubai sports council.
For the winners Team COORG had many professional playera from Oman National Team and played against Dadabhai Hockey team.
All the matches were supervised by official umpires from UAE Hockey Federation and UTSC .

Mr. Suwaidi the Head of Technical Committee, UAE Hockey Federation was very pleased to see hockey being played indoors.
Men and Women Teams from UAE, India, Pakistan and Oman came specially for participating in this event.
Many international players from India & Pakistan were also seen in action.
Prize ceremony was held and Winner and Runners up Trophy was given by Mr. Ahmed al Suwaidi the Head of Technical Committee UAE Hockey Federation.

Individual Men’s
Best Goal Keeper: Gassan (Coorg)
Top Scorer : Prince (Dadabhai)
Best Defender : Karthik Sharma (dadabhai)
Fair Play Award : Khalifa Hockey Club
Best Player of the tournament : Prthvi (Coorg)

Individual women’s
Top Scorer :Kaitie DHC
Best Defender ; Soumya UTSC
Fair Play Award :Kannur Masters
Best Player of the tournament

Individual masters
Best Goal Keeper : Irshad Mohd
Top Scorer : Jayesh TP
Best Defender Greg Dubai Republicans
Fair Play Award : SriLions
Best Player of the tournament : CP Faizal

Tournment director : Parvesh Kariyambath

Result :
Winner: Team COORG UAE
Running up: DaDabhai
Master winner: Defender
Master runner up: UTSC
Ladies winner: Dubai Hockey club
Ladies runner up: UTSC Thalassery

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