Uzbekistan National Indoor Hockey Cup – U16 Boys – Khwarazm Region Uzbekistan; Concluded Successfully

19 February 2021

The Uzbekistan National Indoor Hockey Cup U-16 Boys, which was conducted in the Khwarazm Region Uzbekistan scheduled for 15 – 19 February 2021, was successfully concluded today.

With this under-16 boys’ tournament, Uzbekistan primarily focused on Youth Development in the region.

The participating teams in the tournament were:

  1. Khorezm
    2. Qoraqalpog‘iston 1
    3. Namangan
    4. Andijon terma
    5. Sirdaryo
    6. Toshkent
    7. Samarqand
    8. Navoiy
    9. Samarqand terma
    10. Qoraqalpog‘iston 2


The final results for Boys are:

1st Place – Andijan Region;

2nd Place: Khwarazm Region; and

3rd Place: Tashkent Region


In the prize distribution ceremony, medals and certificates were souvenirs for the players. On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation, Director Sports for the Khwarazm region and Director General of the Khwarazm Provincial Hockey and the other officials of Uzbekistan Hockey were also present.

The AHF congratulates the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation upon the successful delivery of such a brilliant youth tournament. This youth development program is a part of the Uzbekistan Strategic Plan Vision 2028, and it also focuses on the 2025 Youth Asian Games. The AHF always encourages Youth Development, and we appreciate this exclusive initiative of Uzbekistan for their youth.


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