Uzbekistan U-12 National Championship 2020


The Under 12 (U-12) Boys National championship in Uzbekistan has concluded Successfully.

5 Regional teams participated in this national event of Uzbekistan, which was exclusively tailored for the youth under 12 years of age.

Final Rankings have been concluded as follows,

  1. Andijan region
  2. Namangan region
  3. Khwarazm region
  4. Fergana region
  5. Fargonaazot


The objective of the Event

The youth engagement and development in hockey was the main objective of this event.

Specific age group was targeted to create professionalism among young sportspersons, keeping in view the main objective which is to shape the future of hockey in Uzbekistan.

Other regions of Uzbekistan were encouraged to participate in hockey activities.

It was also aimed at increasing the number of young coaches, umpires and technical officials in Uzbekistan. Promoting the trend of hockey education among young fellows to form educated athletes was focused as well.

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