“Video Analysis has been playing a massive part in the preparations for the team,” says Indian Men’s Hockey Defender Amit Rohidas

The 28-year-old defender said that video analysis benefited the team on their recent successful tours to Europe and Argentina



Indian Hockey Defender Amit Rohidas, who is currently training with the Men’s Senior Core Group at the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Centre in Bangalore, feels video analysis has been playing a massive part for the team in terms of preparations. He said that video analysis benefited the team on their recent successful tours to Europe and Argentina.

“Video analysis has been playing a massive part for us in terms of preparations. It helped us on both tours. We analysed our opponent’s style of play, their every movement in the attack as well as in defence, and we adapted to the situations accordingly. We didn’t have much on-field experience, but I can say we did our homework pretty well through the video analysis and it benefited us,” said Rohidas, who has played 97 matches for the national side.

The 28-year-old defender further added, “At the camp also, with the help of video analysis, we are working on the areas where our team need correcting or need to improve. So, yeah it’s one of the major assets for us to cover our bases for the Olympics.”

Speaking about the experience of playing international hockey after a one-year break, the Sundergarh-born player said, “I went with the mindset that I don’t have to do anything extraordinary, I just have to repeat all the things which we have done during training sessions.”

“As a team also, we took one game at a time, we were not bothered about win or lose. We took it as an opportunity to prepare for the Olympics. We had a great experience on both tours. I feel we have gained good momentum and would like to continue what we have been doing at the camp,” added Rohidas.

Rohidas emphasised that the team can improve on conversion rate, and for that, they are making the most of the video analysis.

“I think we need to improve on our conversion rate. We can be more clinical. We should try to convert those chances as quick as we can. It will indirectly help the defence line. As I said, we are making the most of the video analysis to work on these areas,” said the defender.

Rohidas added that the Indian team’s sole focus is at the Olympics and the recent successful tours have boosted their confidence.

“We are not thinking about anything other than the Olympics. Playing against top teams have boosted our confidence, and we want to keep working hard. We have the resources at the camp, which is helping us improve each and every day,” signed off Rohidas.


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