Video conference on Online Education Pathways

Danish Yazdani

30th April, 2020: Earlier today, a video conference call including FIH experts and representatives of the five continental federations took place. The conference call was organized by the FIH with the purpose of discussing the online pathway to education. It included discussions on how the continental federations were planning to impart education online through workshops, online teaching courses, etc.

Every continent presented to the attendees and laid out their plans on how to carry this task out.

The representatives from the Asian Hockey Federation discussed the upcoming ‘Development through Distance AHF Online Courses’ programme. The programme is scheduled to be held from the 12th to 15th of May 2020. It will be an Online Level 2 Coaching Course. The online course will be free of cost. The AHF has contacted all its National Associations so that they may nominate candidates for the course. Apart from the Level 2 Coaching Course, the AHF plans to hold regular workshops and online seminars in the Development through Distance Initiative.

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