Who Makes it To Tokyo 2020 & What is on the AHF Wish List


With the Asian Games coming to an end, one thing everyone seems to be interested in is as to which team has made its way to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Asian Games was a significant event, not only so because the teams were fighting out the regional heavyweights for the Gold medal, but also because winning Gold meant an automatic qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Japan displayed an inspirational event both in the Men’s and Women’s event, winning Gold in both. This also meant their automatic qualification to the Olympics. But because the Olympics are taking place in Japan, that means their qualification was undisputed because of their capacity as the host nation to the Olympics.

Japan’s automatic qualification for the Tokyo 2020 gave way to another question that was raised as to whether another team would be qualified for Tokyo 2020. According to the FIH regulations and based on the on-going practice, only the Champions from the Asian Games event qualifies.

However, the Asian Hockey Federation had a meeting with the FIH CEO on 30th of August immediately after his landing in Jakarta, and the AHF had shown their concerns and wished that an Asian team should get their qualification slot, in addition to the host nation’s automatic qualification. The discussions were positive in nature and the AHF shall be following up with regards to the matter.

This is a significant matter for Asian Hockey because the AHF wishes for two Asian teams to qualify from the Asian Games for the Olympics, in addition to the Japan Men’s and Women’s teams, for the two hockey events.


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