Why Women Coaches Matter – WCA Launch Event 2020


The Australian Women’s Coaching Association is preparing a webinar on why women coaches matter and what we can all do to support women coaches. Named “Why Women Coaches Matter – WCA Launch Event 2020”, will be a free online webinar about women in coaching roles across all sports. The representative of field hockey will be Suzanne Henderson, along with other speakers, they will talk about the state of play with women coaches in a variety of sports.

Aish Ravi and Julia Hay, both women who coach, founded the Women’s Coaching Association (WCA) to empower, support, and encourage women and girls to participate in coaching sport. Both began to investigate what supports were available for women and girls who coach the sport. They found limited support was available to women and girls who coached sport in Australia. They soon realized there was a benefit in bringing women and girls who coach together from all sports, as they faced similar barriers, challenges, and opportunities, and hence WCA was born. Women and girls supporting each other across all sports and more broadly, across the globe!

The event will take place on November 23, from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CET.

You can register at:


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