Women’s Hockey5s Asia Cup 2023: Thrills, Triumphs, and Turning Tables on Day 2


The Women’s Hockey5s Asia Cup 2023, a groundbreaking tournament in the world of field hockey, continues to captivate fans in Salalah, Oman. As the first-ever Hockey5s Championship at the Asian level, this competition not only showcases the talent and determination of the participating nations but also serves as the all-important qualifier for the FIH Hockey5s World Cup 2024. With host nation Oman enjoying automatic qualification, the race for the remaining three spots is intensifying with each passing day. On Day 2, eight more matches unfolded, showcasing thrilling encounters and remarkable performances.


Day 2 Highlights: A Glimpse into the Action

Indonesia vs. Hong Kong China (Challenger Pool)

The second day of the Women’s Hockey5s Asia Cup began with an intense clash between Indonesia and Hong Kong China in the Challenger Pool. Both teams had tasted victory on the first day, setting the stage for a competitive showdown. The match proved to be closely contested, with moments of brilliance on both sides. Ultimately, Hong Kong China emerged triumphant with a 5-3 scoreline. Players like LAU Pui Sze from Hong Kong China and RONSUMBRE Paulina from Indonesia showcased their skills. LAU Pui Sze received the Player of the Match award for her outstanding performance.


Bangladesh vs. Iran (Challenger Pool)

In the second match of the day, Bangladesh faced Iran in the Challenger Pool. Bangladesh had won one match and lost another, while Iran had faced defeat in both their previous encounters. The game started with high intensity, but Bangladesh asserted their dominance, securing a convincing 9-3 victory. Players like RIYA Airin and PAL Orpita from Bangladesh and EMLIRA Poupash from Iran made notable contributions. RIYA Airin was named the Player of the Match for her exceptional performance.


Oman vs. Chinese Taipei (Challenger Pool)

The home team, Oman, took the field once again, this time facing Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei wasted no time in making their presence felt, scoring a remarkable eleven goals in the match. On the other hand, Oman struggled to find the back of the net and managed to score only once. The final score stood at 11-1 in favor of Chinese Taipei. YANG Wan Wen was the standout player of the match and received the Player of the Match award for her exceptional performance.


Malaysia vs. Thailand (Elite Pool)

In the first Elite Pool match of the day, Malaysia and Thailand clashed in a closely contested battle. Thailand had secured victory in their first match, while Malaysia had suffered a defeat in their opening encounter. The match featured a slow start in terms of goal-scoring, but Thailand eventually found their rhythm, netting eight goals to Malaysia’s one. Players like AUNJAI Natthakarn and AZIZ Zafirah showcased their skills on the field. AUNJAI Natthakarn received the Player of the Match award.


Iran vs. Indonesia (Challenger Pool)

Iran and Indonesia faced off in the second match of the day for both teams in the Challenger Pool. Indonesia displayed their superiority in the game, scoring ten goals and securing a convincing win. ANISA Nur was the star of the match, contributing significantly to Indonesia’s victory with five goals. ELMIRA Poupash and ABBASI Pania scored for Iran. Indonesia maintained their second-place position in the group, while Iran sought to recover from their losses.


Chinese Taipei vs. Hong Kong China (Challenger Pool)

The second day of competition featured another thrilling match between Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong China. This electrifying encounter saw numerous goals and fierce competition as both teams fought relentlessly. In the end, Hong Kong China emerged victorious with an 8-6 scoreline. Players like CHAN Yi Man, CHAN Tiffany, and McNeil Kirsten were instrumental in Hong Kong China’s success. CHAN Yi Man received the Player of the Match award.


Bangladesh vs. Oman (Challenger Pool)

Bangladesh continued their campaign on Day 2 with a match against Oman. Oman, still seeking their first win, faced a determined Bangladesh team that had already tasted success in the tournament. Bangladesh asserted their dominance, securing a 9-2 victory. RIYA Airin was a standout performer for Bangladesh, scoring five goals. Oman managed to find the net twice, courtesy of OLAA and AHAD. RIYA Airin was named the Player of the Match.


Japan vs. India (Elite Pool)

The Elite Pool witnessed a crucial match between Japan and India, both vying for supremacy in the group. India, playing their second match, secured a dominant 7-1 victory, surging to the top of the group. Players like Choudhary Mahima, Dhekale Akshata Abaso, and Kujur Mariana were instrumental in India’s commanding performance. NAKASECHI Risa scored the lone goal for Japan. India’s victory set the stage for an exciting showdown with Thailand, while Japan looked to bounce back against Malaysia.


The Women’s Hockey5s Asia Cup 2023 in Salalah, Oman, is proving to be a stage for remarkable displays of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. With every passing match, teams are staking their claim for a spot in the prestigious FIH Hockey5s World Cup 2024. As the competition progresses, fans can anticipate more thrilling encounters, outstanding individual performances, and the emergence of new heroes in the world of field hockey. Day 2 showcased the competitive spirit of the teams and set the tone for what promises to be a memorable tournament. With battles yet to be fought and a World Cup qualification at stake, the Women’s Hockey5s Asia Cup 2023 remains an event of immense significance and excitement.

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