Women’s Junior AHF Cup 2022 – DAY 4

A new day at the Taldykorgan Hockey Stadium


Where 3 defining matches were played to consolidate the positions in the table. Today was going to help some teams to surprise or as a step in some cases show that they are to qualify better in this Women’s Junior AHF Cup 2022 tournament.


The first game of the day was between the leader of this tournament and Indonesia, who won 1 game, drew 1 and lost 2. Although the level of both teams is very good, it should be noted that Chinese Taipei won all the games they played, including today’s match.

Those led by RAJ Dhaarma began the match with a lot of paces, while Indonesia tried to channel spaces where those in white managed to get the ball rolling. The first goal came 12 minutes into the game from a penalty corner executed by LIN Yu-Na. 6 minutes later LAI Ya-Han also managed to convert a goal from a penalty corner, giving her team a partial 2-0 to begin to consolidate a result that seemed to be positive for the white team.

Although Indonesia tried to attack from the wings, they had their chances, but in the 22nd minute WANG Yu-Chiu extinguished that illusion by converting the third goal for those led by KU Chen-Yi.

Already in the third quarter both teams tried to attack, those in red trying to channel the rival to prevent them from scoring more goals and in the 45th minute, WILDIANI Dian with the #24 jersey managed to discount by converting his first goal in this cup.

This was not enough as in the 58th minute the 16-year-old LIN Yu-Na converted again to sentence the match 4-1.

The best player of the match was MAO I-Hsuan, who had an excellent performance in today’s match, she has scored 2 goals in this tournament and today she deserved the award.

Indonesia will play their next match to see if they can fight for 3rd and 4th place against bottom of the table Tajikistan, while Chinese Taipei will play Hong Kong China to confirm their place in the final for the title.


The second match of the day had as protagonists the third of the table against the last of the table. Although the difference in play could be seen, both teams took the field hungry to win and make their best performance in these last matches of the tournament.

Uzbekistan had just drawn with Indonesia and Hong Kong China; it was very important for the team’s morale to win today’s match and they did so. On the other hand, Tajikistan is still in the process of consolidating its game, its posture in the matches and the positioning of each of the players to find their style of play. Although the team coached by SOBIROV Sunatullo did not achieve any points in this tournament so far, it is important to highlight the team’s search and the need to be participating in this cup for the future of these girls who are in full growth stage for what will be the future of their national team.

The game ended 23-0 with goals from all or almost all the players who took the field, each of them having the opportunity to score in an international tournament. The girls in blue stood out a lot in their game and now they will wait to face Kazakhstan to keep their 3rd place for the definitive phases.  On the other side the AKULOVA Ughiloi led team will play against Indonesia.

The best player of the match was PIRAKOVA Istamoy who today scored 5 goals to help her team in today’s victory.


The last match of the day was between Hong Kong China and Kazakhstan. The women in blue and yellow needed to secure a win today to confirm their second place and their place in the final for this title.

On the other hand, LAU Pui Sze’s team needed the three points to try to climb to third place.

Although both teams came out looking for the game and tried to control the ball, in the 9th minute BERDENOVA Sabina scored the first goal of the game to give her team some breathing space.

HKC tried not to leave free attacking spaces and tried to channel their rival, but the latter managed to be superior and that is why in the 17th minute BISSIROVA Alina scored the second goal. From then on, the goals never stopped and that is how they managed to score 5 more goals scored by BEISENBAY Balzhan, LOBANOVA Viktoriya x2, BISSIROVA Alina and BERDENOVA Sabina scoring their second goal each.

It was a game that was difficult at the beginning, but the blue and blue managed to score until the last minute of the game.

The best player of the match was BISSIROVA Alina number 5 who today scored a key goal for the moment of the match and to crown her team’s victory.

Hong Kong China will play their next match against the undisputed first, Chinese Taipei trying to improve their position in the table, while the team coached by BEIBITOV Nurzhan will face Uzbekistan knowing that they must win but that they have already secured their second place for the final on October 20th.

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