Women’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 – DAY 7

Seventh day at the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Hockey Stadium Kakamigahara in Japan,


Where we would have two matches for the 5-8th Place.

The preliminary phases are approaching along with the finals that are so expected in this new Junior tournament.


Both teams had no chance of reaching the podium, so one of the matches to be played for the fifth to eighth places was between the talented team from Malaysia and another wonderful team from Hong Kong China.

HASSAN Lailin’s team managed to score in the second minute of the game to set the pace they wanted to put in the match. Malaysia scored four goals before the end of the first quarter by MOHAMMED Nur, NAZERI Dian, SHAIKH Siti and MOHAMMED Nur to make it 4-0 before the second quarter started.

ARIFALI-led ARIFALI could not block as they planned but managed to convert a goal in the 18th minute through AIELLO Anna to make it 4-1.

The players in white did not let this deter them and stepped on the gas to score six more goals through ISHAK Norshafiqha,MOHAMMED Nur,MOHD Siti,MOHD Khairunnisa,AZHAIRY Azmyra and YUSSAINI Nur.

With the 10-1 result Malaysia advanced to the 5/6th Place match against Kazakhstan, while Hong Kong China will play for the 7/8th Place against Chinese Taipei.

The best player of the match was MOHAMMED Nur scorer of the match of the day to help her team to win this match.


The second match of the day was between Kazakhstan and Chinese Taipei to define who would go for the fifth and sixth place, and on the contrary who would play for the seventh and eighth place.

In a very tight match with a lot of back and forth, both BEIBITOV Nurzhan and LIU Kuo-Chien gave everything and more than they had for this match as both wanted to finish as high as possible in the final standings.

Chinese Taipei started with an early goal in the seventh minute by HUANG Yu-Ting to make it 1-0.

The girls in yellow did not want to be left behind and three minutes later they equalized with a goal by BERDENOVA Sabina.

Kazakhstan turned the score around in the 18th minute with a goal by IZBASSAROVA Gulsina from a penalty corner to make it 2-1.

In the 27th minute LOBANOVA Viktoriya widened the lead for the girls in yellow to make it 3-1, but in the 42nd minute WANG Yi-Hsuan made it 3-2 to add some adrenaline to a match that was constantly going back and forth.

Just 3 minutes later BEISENBAY Balzhan made it 4-2 with a penalty corner to give his team some breathing space and be able to face the last quarter a bit calmer, but that does not happen in field field hockey as the game can change at any minute.

The last goal was by KU Chen-Yi for the red team leaving the score 4-3 with victory for Kazakhstan who will play against Malaysia for the 5/6th Place. Chinese Taipei made a huge effort to improve the result but could not and will play for the 7/8th against Hong Kong China.

The best player of the game was BEISENBAY Balzhan captain of this junior national team who helped her team to win this game with a goal.



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