World Masters Hockey World Cups’ Schedules have been Announced


World Masters Hockey (WMH) has announced that the 2022 World Cups for Masters Hockey will be played in four different continents, starting with the WMH Indoor Hockey World Cup in the USA in early 2022. These will be the inaugural events for WMH.

The details are as follows:

Indoor World Cup

February 15 – 20 – Virginia Beach, USA

O45 W & M

O50 W & M

Outdoor World Cup

August 12-21 – Nottingham, England

O35 W & M

O40 W & M

October 1-10 – Cape Town, RSA

O45 – O55 M

O45 – O65 W

O55 M Spirit of Masters

O55 – O65 W Spirit of Masters

October 19-29 – Tokyo, Japan

O60 – O80 M

O60 – O80 M Spirit of Masters


Links to the host nations’ websites will be provided by WMH in the coming weeks.


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