Uzbekistan takes over Indonesia by 2-1



Third and last match of the day in this Women’s Asian Games Qualifier 2022 was between Uzbekistan and Indonesia.

The Uzbek team was coming from 2 consecutive defeats that today they were able to reverse by beating Indonesia 2-1, which accumulates its second defeat after the draw with Singapore.

It looked to be an evenly matched game and so it was. The WR:72 (Uzbekistan) and WR:70 (Indonesia) was going to face each other in a match that seemed to be a very tight match since both teams needed the points to continue with the illusion of qualifying to the Asian Games.

Although RAJ Dhaarma’s team had more ball possession and the Uzbek team was more withdrawn waiting for the green team to make a mistake, both teams had chances to score goals in the first two quarters. It is worth noting the performance of both goalkeepers in defending their goals.

It was not until the 33rd minute of the third quarter, where the team led by ADIZOVA Kamilla scored the first goal of the match by KAKHRAMONOVA Shakhrizoda who managed to push it inside the box catching the goalkeeper unawares who was slow to react.

Indonesia did not lag and tried to continue with their game to tie it as soon as possible. But in the 37th minute, only 4 minutes after the first goal, after a play in the Uzbekistan area, the green team was badly stopped in the defense and the Uzbek team took advantage of this situation to counterattack with all their players and thus reach the area to convert the second goal again by the hand of KAKHRAMONOVA Shakhrizoda. With this result, the blue and white were getting stronger and stronger, trying to keep the result until the end.

Although Indonesia tried to convert, through plays and penalty corners, they did not manage to score until the 59th minute when ANISA Nur, after several rebounds, managed to push it into the net almost asking for permission, breaking the Uzbek goalkeeper.

The best player of the match was undoubtedly Uzbekistan’s goalkeeper, KAMILOVA Malika who saved her team from a different result, blocking many shots of the green team, so it was with her brilliant performance that her team was able to get the long-awaited victory.

Uzbekistan will play against Singapore on June 11, while Indonesia will face Sri Lanka on the same day to start defining positions for the qualifying spots for the Asian Games to be played in 2023.


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