Day 1 Update 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition


Comprehensive Victory: Korea Blankets Singapore 4-0 in Asian Games Hockey Opener

The curtain raiser for the Women’s Hockey competition at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 witnessed a domineering performance by Korea as they trounced Singapore 4-0 in a Pool A encounter at the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium here today.

As the players marched onto the field, the ambiance resonated with the fervor and expectations synonymous with the games. The match kicked off at 10:15 am, with Korea, guided by Coach Han Jin Soo, showcasing a well-oiled gameplay right from the first quarter.

Though the first quarter saw a relentless Korean attack, the Singaporean defense held firm, keeping the score at a stalemate. The tension was broken in the second quarter when Kang Jina (#9) pierced through Singapore’s defense, scoring a brilliant field goal in the 16th minute. The momentum further swung in Korea’s favor when Park Seungae (#18) doubled the lead with another field goal at the 20th minute mark. The Korean team continued to encircle the Singaporean D, with Cho Hyejin (#11) further denting Singapore’s hopes with a goal in the 34th minute. Entering the final quarter with a formidable 3-0 lead, Korea showed no signs of complacency. Pak HoJeong (#27) landed another blow with a field goal in the 42nd minute, consolidating Korea’s position and setting the final score at 4-0.

The total of 18 penalty corners awarded to Korea compared to none for Singapore underscored the attacking nature of Korea’s gameplay, and their stringent defense which Singapore found impenetrable. The remarkable teamwork and strategy of the Koreans were evident as they systematically dismantled the Singaporean defense.

A noteworthy aspect of the match was the well-distributed scoring by the Korean players, exhibiting a balanced team effort. The quartet of goal scorers reflected a well-rounded team performance that bodes well for their campaign ahead.

Coach Han Jin Soo and Manager Kim Yoon could be seen appreciating the team’s effort and the crowd reciprocated with roaring applause as the final whistle blew. On the flip side, Coach Viner David and Manager Tay Siu Hua of Singapore were seen rallying their troops, undoubtedly to discuss and rectify the day’s shortcomings.

This convincing victory projects Korea as a formidable force in the tournament, with other contenders surely taking note of their tactical gameplay and robust defense. As the Women’s Hockey competition unfolds, this match will be reflected upon as a testament to Korea’s powerful entry into the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

With the hockey fraternity buzzing post this stellar performance, all eyes now turn to the upcoming fixtures. The dream of clinching the coveted gold is alive and the journey has begun on a triumphant note for Korea.

Malaysia Dominates the Field against Hong Kong China in Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

In an electrifying match at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the Malaysian women’s hockey team showcased an impeccable performance against Hong Kong China, clinching a victory with a whopping 8-0 scoreline. This Pool A match unraveled on the turf where Malaysia proved why they are considered as one of the formidable teams in the tournament.

The match kicked off amid a thrilling atmosphere with both teams displaying excellent defense, but it was Malaysia who broke the deadlock at the 10th minute mark. The first goal came from a penalty corner executed flawlessly by SUKRI Fatin, setting the tone for what was about to transpire. Malaysia’s captain, RASHID Nuraini, doubled the lead by netting a penalty stroke at the 20th minute. The relentless offensive onslaught continued when ONN Hanis scored from another penalty corner in the 21st minute, taking the score to 3-0.

The second half saw an undeterred Malaysian squad, who dominated possession and were unyielding in their attack. HUSAIN Siti joined the scoring party with a field goal at the 38th minute, followed by another splendid goal from SUKRI Fatin at the 40th minute from a penalty corner, her second of the match.

As the match neared its end, there was no respite for Hong Kong China as Malaysia continued to hammer their defense. The 56th minute saw Insyirah Effarizal finding the net with a swift field goal. The final two goals were the icing on the cake, netted by AZHAR Nur and SAIUTI Norfaiezah at the 60th minute mark, sealing a glorious victory for Malaysia.

Hong Kong China had their moments but couldn’t manage to penetrate the Malaysian defense, which remained unbroken throughout the match. The match statistics, albeit the lack of data on possession, reflected the dominance Malaysia had over Hong Kong China. The seven penalty corners awarded to Malaysia against Hong Kong China’s two, further demonstrated the control Malaysia had in the game.

This triumphant win has surely bolstered Malaysia’s confidence, potentially making them a force to reckon with as the tournament advances. On the flip side, Hong Kong China would need to regroup and strategize to ensure a stronger performance in their upcoming matches.

Under the tutelage of coach IBRAHIM Nasihin, the Malaysian team demonstrated a harmonious blend of strategy, skill, and stamina. The pool of talent is evident with different players stepping up to the occasion and scoring. The impressive lineup, along with the strategic brilliance displayed on the field, makes Malaysia a strong contender in the competition, and an exciting team to watch out for.

With more thrilling matches on the horizon, the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition is setting up to be a spectacle filled with stunning goals, exceptional defense, and the passionate spirit of competition.

Thailand Triumphs Over Kazakhstan in Women’s Hockey Match at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

In a compelling display of hockey, the Thailand women’s team emerged victorious against Kazakhstan in the Women’s Hockey Competition during the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022. The match took place under the brilliant skies of Hangzhou, marking a significant victory for Thailand in Pool B, with a scoreline of 4-0.

The match commenced with vigorous energy as both teams sought to establish dominance early on. It was Thailand, however, who managed to break through Kazakhstan’s defenses, marking the first goal of the match within the initial 2 minutes. The goal came from SANPOUNG Kornkanok, whose impeccable field goal set a promising tone for the Thai team.

As the teams vied for control, the first quarter saw an intense battle in the midfield with both sides displaying notable defensive skills. Transitioning into the second quarter, Thailand managed to hold onto their lead, courtesy of SANPOUNG Kornkanok once again, who netted a penalty stroke at the 25th-minute mark, elevating Thailand to a 2-0 lead.

The intensity of the game escalated further in the third quarter, with both teams fighting valiantly to control the play. However, it was SAMANSO Supansa of Thailand who managed to find the net during a penalty corner at the 43rd minute, furthering Thailand’s lead to a comforting 3-0.

The final quarter witnessed Kazakhstan making desperate attempts to counterattack, yet Thailand’s defense stood resilient. The conclusive goal of the match came from INPA Kunjira, who sealed Thailand’s triumph with a field goal at the 58th minute, making the score 4-0.

Among the key highlights were the ten penalty corners awarded to Kazakhstan, indicating the pressure they managed to apply. However, Thailand’s stout defense and remarkable goalkeeping by YIMKRAJANG Siraya kept them at bay, ensuring a clean sheet.

The significant victory propels Thailand with a strong morale into their forthcoming matches in the tournament, showcasing their ability and determination to secure a prestigious position within the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition.

As the triumphant Thailand team rejoices in their well-earned victory, Kazakhstan will be looking to regroup and come back stronger in their subsequent matches, proving the competitive spirit that the Asian Games so brilliantly encapsulates.

Both teams displayed a true spirit of sportsmanship and competitive hockey, portraying the essence of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, while etching a memorable day for Thai Hockey in the annals of the tournament.

Chinese Women’s Hockey Team Triumphs Over Indonesia at 2022 Asian Games

In an electrifying match held during the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the Chinese Women’s Hockey team demonstrated a powerful performance, defeating the Indonesian team with a remarkable score of 20-0. The match was a part of the Pool B competition and the triumph effortlessly showcased China’s dominant stance in the game.

Right from the first whistle, the Chinese team was in full throttle, showing no signs of holding back. The play by the Chinese women was nothing short of breathtaking, ensuring a stellar lead by the end of the first quarter.

At the 4-minute mark, LI Hong (Shirt #13) struck a clean field goal, marking the first goal for China. This was quickly followed by a second goal by DAN Wen (Shirt #17) in the same minute, setting a very early lead. The goals continued to pile up for China with CHEN Yang (Shirt #26) scoring at the 6-minute mark, followed by GU Bingfeng’s (Shirt #2) penalty stroke goal at the 9-minute mark.

ZHANG Xiaoxue (Shirt #19) and HUANG Haiyan (Shirt #12) converted penalty corners into goals at the 10 and 11-minute mark respectively, taking the lead to 6-0. The remainder of the first half saw a slew of goals from the Chinese team, including two field goals by ZHONG Jiaqi (Shirt #31) at the 17 and 18-minute mark, establishing a formidable score of 10-0 by halftime.

The second half of the match resumed with the same intensity from China, as they continued to bulldoze through the Indonesian defense. By the end of the third quarter, the score stood at 15-0 with five more goals added to the tally by CHEN Yi (Shirt #7), GU Bingfeng, ZHANG Ying (Shirt #6), MA Ning (Shirt #9), and CHEN Yang.

The fourth quarter was no different as China continued their relentless assault, adding five more goals to the score sheet. GU Bingfeng and ZHANG Ying showcased their exceptional skill once again, scoring in the 44, 56, and 58-minute marks. The final goals came from LIANG Meiyu (Shirt #11) and ZHONG Jiaqi, in the last minute, taking the final score to an astonishing 20-0.

The statistics of the match showed a clear domination by the Chinese team, with 17 penalty corners compared to none from Indonesia. The lone penalty stroke of the game was successfully converted by GU Bingfeng.

Coach ANNAN Alyson was undoubtedly proud of her team’s execution on the field, a sentiment likely shared by the manager HUANG Yongsheng. On the other hand, Indonesian coach RAJ Dhaarma and manager MAPPAJALLING had to head back to the drawing board, seeking to rebuild and come back stronger in future competitions.

This match will be recorded as one of the most one-sided encounters in the history of the Asian Games, with the Chinese women’s hockey team showcasing a blend of skill, teamwork, and precision. As the games continue, the Chinese team’s performance will be closely watched by competitors and supporters alike, setting a high benchmark for the level of competition in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Tournament.



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