Day 06 Updated 19th Asian Game Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition


Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition: Hong Kong China Triumphs Over Indonesia in 9/10th Place Clash

In a thrilling showdown at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition, Hong Kong China secured a hard-fought victory against Indonesia in the battle for 9th and 10th place. With both teams putting up a valiant effort, the match was a showcase of determination and skill.

The game kicked off with immense anticipation as both sides aimed to end their campaign on a high note. Hong Kong China quickly asserted their dominance in the 1st quarter, with CHAN Tiffany finding the back of the net, delivering the first goal of the match via a well-executed field goal. This early lead provided Hong Kong China with the confidence they needed to take control of the game.

As the match progressed into the 2nd quarter, it was clear that Hong Kong China was determined to maintain their advantage. MOUNTAIN Katherine stepped up with a powerful penalty corner strike, extending their lead to 2-0. Indonesia, however, did not give in easily and continued to fight for a comeback.

The 3rd quarter saw both teams engaging in a fierce battle for possession and control of the game. Hong Kong China’s defense held firm, denying Indonesia any opportunities to score. The pressure was mounting on both sides as they approached the final quarter.

In a dramatic turn of events, Indonesia mounted a late charge in the 4th quarter, desperately seeking to level the score. Asri Dewi Prasasti delivered a crucial field goal for Indonesia, narrowing the gap to 2-1. With just minutes remaining on the clock, the tension in the stadium was palpable.

However, Hong Kong China managed to hold onto their slim lead until the final whistle, clinching a hard-earned victory. Their strong defensive performance and early goals proved to be the deciding factors in the match.

While the statistics for the game are currently unavailable, the passion and determination displayed by both teams were evident throughout the match. Hong Kong China’s victory in this closely contested encounter adds another memorable chapter to their journey at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition.

Congratulations to Hong Kong China on their well-deserved win, securing the 9th place in the competition. Commendations are also in order for Indonesia for their spirited performance throughout the tournament.

This match serves as a reminder of the fierce competition and sportsmanship that the Asian Games embodies, and it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on hockey enthusiasts worldwide.


China Dominates Semifinal Clash Against India, Securing a Place in the Asian Games Hockey Final

In a match brimming with anticipation and competitive spirit, the Chinese Women’s Hockey team emerged triumphant in the first semifinal of the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, decisively beating their Indian counterparts 4-0. The skillful performances and strategic gameplay displayed by both teams created an atmosphere of palpable tension and excitement, providing a spectacular show for the fans in attendance.

The initial quarter saw both teams attempting to gain a foothold in the match. The Indian defense, spearheaded by goalkeeper Kharibam Bichu Devi, was put to the test early on, facing multiple attacks from China’s forwards. However, it was in the 25th minute when ZHONG Jiaqi of China successfully converted a penalty corner, breaking the deadlock and placing the Chinese team in the lead.

Entering the second quarter with a one-goal lead, China sought to consolidate their position, while India looked for ways to penetrate their opponent’s robust defense. Despite a commendable effort from the Indian squad and several close opportunities, the score remained 1-0 in favor of China as the teams headed into halftime.

China came into the third quarter with clear intent and aggression. ZOU Meirong extended China’s lead in the 40th minute by converting another penalty corner, showcasing their proficiency in set-piece situations. India’s attempts to respond were stifled by China’s impenetrable defense and strategic play, ending the quarter at 2-0.

The final quarter witnessed China further asserting their dominance on the field. In the 55th minute, LIANG Meiyu scored a field goal, dashing India’s hopes of a comeback. GU Bingfeng concluded the scoring for China in the final minute, making it 4-0 with a penalty corner conversion and ensuring their team’s place in the final.

Despite the result, India displayed moments of promising play and skill throughout the match. Their forwards created multiple opportunities and their defense held firm against numerous assaults from the Chinese attack. Nevertheless, China’s clinical finishes and controlled gameplay afforded them the victory and a chance to compete for the gold medal.

While the exact possession and shots statistics remain undisclosed, the performance of both teams showcased their dedication and skill on the international stage. India won a total of 8 penalty corners compared to China’s 6, indicating a tight competition and opportunities created by both sides.

The standout players from both teams – ZHONG Jiaqi and ZOU Meirong for China and Monika and Sonika for India – displayed exemplary skill and leadership on the pitch, contributing significantly to the match’s dynamic.

India will now gear up to fight for the bronze medal, ensuring they still have a shot at securing a place on the podium. On the other side, China will be meticulously preparing for the final, aiming to secure the coveted gold medal in the Women’s Hockey Competition at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

Heart-Stopping Showdown as Korea Triumphs in a Nail-Biting Semi at Hangzhou 2022

A spectacular display of skills, strategy, and spirit was witnessed at the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition, as Korea narrowly secured their spot in the final, edging past Japan in a tense semi-final battle that ended in a shootout.

Japan and Korea, both stalwarts in the field of Asian women’s hockey, offered a match that was nothing short of a thrilling cinematic experience. From the initial whistle, the Korean team showcased a potent mix of strategic gameplay and raw power, capitalizing on their chances and keeping the Japanese defense on their toes. SEO Jungeun cracked open the scoreline for Korea in the 13th minute, skillfully converting a penalty corner and signaling a daunting start for the Japanese team.

The drama continued into the second quarter, with PARK Seungae doubling the lead for Korea in the 34th minute with a crisp field goal, leaving Japan in a precarious position as the teams headed into the break.

Despite trailing by two goals, Japan commenced the second half with a revitalized spirit and evident determination. KOBAYAKAWA Shiho was the catalyst for the Japanese comeback, narrowing the Korean lead with a dynamic field goal in the 48th minute. The Korean defense was suddenly under siege, as the Japanese team shifted gears, orchestrating a formidable attacking display.

With the clock ticking down and tensions mounting, Japan was awarded a penalty stroke in the 58th minute. OIKAWA Shihori, under immense pressure, showcased impeccable composure to slot the ball home, equalizing the score and sending the semi-final into a nerve-wracking shootout after a 2-2 deadlock in regulation time.

The shootout was a pulsating affair, with both teams displaying admirable skill and nerve. However, it was Korea who triumphed, edging past Japan with a 4-3 victory in the shootout and booking their spot in the much-anticipated final.

Japan’s efforts were heroic, showcasing a blend of skill, determination, and fighting spirit that held fans on the edge of their seats until the very last moment. Korea, on the other hand, not only demonstrated their skillful gameplay but also exhibited a rock-solid mental fortitude to emerge victorious from such a high-pressure scenario.


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