2nd Festival of Friendship for Youth and Athletes, Dushanbe



On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence, the second sports festival of friendship between young people and athletes was held in Dushanbe. The festival was organized by the collaboration of government authorities and the national hockey federation of Tajikistan. It was held on Tuesday, 21 September 2021.

Regarding the development of hockey in Tajikistan, the festival played a key role. The event saw an extensive engagement of Tajik youth in hockey-related sporting activities. The government of Tajikistan played a vital role in the organisation and delivery of this massive event. The athletes’ involvement in the festival helped broaden the vision of the youth. Moreover, the festival received an outstanding reception from the locals.

A number of activities were showcased during the festival. People from a variety of social circles of Dushanbe participated and spectated this festival. The youth was the focal point for this event. The festival provided the youth with a ripe ground to hone their sporting skills and envision their personal and national future by learning from the professional athletes.

The festival was honoured by the participation of the Minister of Sports, the Deputy Mayor of Dushanbe, government officials of the Tajikistan Hockey federation along the youth teams to demonstrate their hockey skills. The was a spectacular closing ceremony.


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