AHF and AfHF to Organize maiden Afro-Asian Hockey Development Forum and Renew MoU for Extension of Inter-Continental Cooperation for Hockey Development


Press Release, 01 June 2023: The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) and the African Hockey Federation (AfHF) are pleased to announce renewal of a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for extending ongoing collaboration programs and coordinated efforts for the development of athletes, coaches, umpires and officials. This MoU has a very long and positive history of cooperation between the continents.

The MoU is an imperative step towards continuous mutual cooperation between the AHF and the AfHF. This will enhance the existing framework for joint initiatives, exchange programs, and equipment and resource sharing to uplift the standard of hockey. In particular, the AHF will continue to facilitate the AfHF’s procurement needs for equipment from Asian manufactures. The AHF will also provide Hockey equipment to the AfHF and support an Umpire Exchange protocol with African counterparts who would officiate in Asian Competitions and vice versa.  The understanding also includes participation in Educational and Developmental Projects.

Concurrent to the MoU renewal which has a successful record of two decades, the Asian HF and African HF also announced holding of a joint Development Forum to strengthen the ongoing collaboration. At this occasion, Mr. Seif Ahmed -AfHF President and FIH Executive Board member- stated: “I welcome and commend the renewal of the MoU for Inter-continental cooperation”. He thanked the AHF President Mr. Fumio Ogura for his unique initiative of organizing the first ever Afro-Asian Hockey Development Forum and foresees that the Forum will lead global Hockey to new heights and bring us closer in the spirit of collaboration for the development of Hockey.

Dato Fumio Ogura -AHF President- stated: “We are delighted to re-establish this partnership with the AfHF. We share values of Hockey and the commitment for Hockey’s global progress. We will empower each other and create more opportunities for our continents to excel in international competitions.”

Dato Tayyab Ikram -FIH President- appreciated the partnership between the Asian and African Hockey family. He emphasized the significance of solidarity in development and encouraged other continents to enter into similar partnerships. “We admire and strongly support such continental twinning for collaboration, and so encourage other continents to take similar initiatives. The challenges faced by one continent can be transformed into opportunities with the support of others. The inter-continental collaborations will essentially develop a synergy which will ultimately facilitate global hockey development – and we need this synergy more than ever. We should work together to serve hockey in our best capacity”.

This partnership between the AHF and the AfHF sets the stage for exciting and promised growth of hockey in Asia and Africa. It represents a shared commitment to recognize and nurture talent, foster larger cooperation, and advance sports on both continental and global levels.

About Asian Hockey Federation (AHF): The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) is the governing body for field hockey in Asia. Comprising 33 member countries, the AHF aims to promote and develop hockey at all levels across the continent. The AHF organizes various tournaments, conducts educational programs, and works collaboratively with stakeholders to foster the growth of hockey in Asia.

About African Hockey Federation (AfHF): The African Hockey Federation (AfHF) is the continental governing body responsible for the development and promotion of field hockey in Africa. Representing 26 member associations, the AfHF strives to create opportunities, improve standards, and increase the participation of African nations in international hockey competitions. The federation focuses on capacity building, grassroot development, and strengthening regional cooperation to advance the sport in Africa.

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