AHF Reveals the Tournament Trophy for Dhofar Municipality Men’s Junior Asia Cup Salalah 2023

Salalah, Oman – 22 May, 2023:


The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) proudly unveiled the tournament trophy for the highly anticipated Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023, taking place in Salalah, Oman. In a grand ceremony organized by the tournament host, Oman Hockey Association (OHA), on 22 May 2023, the trophy was showcased amidst the presence of all ten team captains from Bangladesh, Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, and Uzbekistan. The event garnered significant media attention, adding to the anticipation surrounding the prestigious tournament.

As the premier junior hockey event in Asia, the Men’s Junior Asia Cup attracts top junior teams from across the continent to compete for the coveted tournament title. Additionally, this tournament serves as the qualifier for the FIH Men’s Junior World Cup, with the top three teams from Asia earning their spot. The event enjoys a dedicated fan base and substantial viewership, particularly from South East Asia, with India and Pakistan being the regional favourites. Each participating team, including Japan, Korea, and Malaysia, represents a unique region in Asia, contributing to the tournament’s diverse following.

Scheduled to commence on 23 May 2023 and culminate on 1 June 2023, the Men’s Junior Asia Cup promises thrilling matches and fierce competition. Salalah, the chosen venue for the tournament, holds immense significance due to its exceptional facilities and breath-taking landscape, adding to the overall appeal of the event.

Dato Fumio Ogura, President of the Asian Hockey Federation, expressed his gratitude to the Oman Hockey Association, stating, “On behalf of the Asian Hockey Federation, I extend my sincerest gratitude to the Oman Hockey Association for hosting this significant event. Our past experiences have shown us the exceptional capabilities of OHA as an excellent host for AHF events. We take great pride in our strong working relationship with the Oman Hockey Association, who have consistently proven themselves as one of the finest hosts in Asia. We would also like to express our appreciation to Dhofar Municipality, the local government of Salalah and all the sponsors and facilitators of the Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023. We eagerly await an electrifying competition and believe that Asia’s ever-growing love for hockey will be showcased to our global audience in the most befitting manner. We wish best of luck to all the participating teams.”

Mr. Marwan Juma, President of the Oman Hockey Association, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are deeply honoured to host this significant event. The Oman Hockey Association is committed to serving hockey in the best possible manner, and we strive to continue our endeavours in promoting the sport across Asia and beyond. Serving our future hockey stars, the junior athletes, is another honour for us, as we consider the athlete development a top priority. We thank the Asian Hockey Federation for entrusting us with hosting this event and wish all the participating teams the very best.”

The Men’s Junior Asia Cup Salalah 2023 promises to be a landmark event, showcasing the exceptional talent and passion for hockey across Asia. With the support of the Oman Hockey Association and the Asian Hockey Federation, this tournament is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Hockey enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the forthcoming matches, eager to witness the pinnacle of junior hockey in Asia.

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At the ceremony to reveal the trophy for the Dhofar Municipality Men’s Junior Asia Cup in Salalah, Dr. Khamis Salim AlRabhi, Secretary General of the Oman Hockey Association, expressed his deep appreciation to the Asian Hockey Federation. He conveyed that hosting the Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023 is a tremendous privilege for Oman, and the association is committed to executing this esteemed responsibility with utmost dedication and competence. He extended his best wishes to all the participating teams and expressed hope that everyone would have a delightful experience during their time in Salalah. Finally, he concluded by wishing everyone the best of luck.


“We are delighted to host Men’s Junior Asia Cup 2023. It is a great privilege to be host the top Asian teams and the future hockey stars. We realize the significance of this responsibility which we have been entrusted with by the Asian Hockey Federation. We pay our utmost gratitude to AHF for this honour. We hope that all the guests enjoy themselves with the best experience of our hospitality in Salalah. Looking forward to seeing an enticing action begin tomorrow.”

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