AHF Successfully Concludes its Online Coaching Workshop on Session Planning

AHF Coaching Workshop: Session Planning 



AHF Coaching Workshop: Session Planning 


AHF Online Education has successfully completed its coaching workshop on session planning today.

Coaches from Asia and Africa participated in this 1-Day coaching workshop. The workshop was conducted online today on 09 June 2021.

FIH Academy Experts Mr Tahir Zaman, Mr Zahid Ali and Mr Maggid Abu Talib facilitated the workshop.

The workshop provided detailed insight on following aspects of Session Planning:

  1. The Importance of planning;
  2. Pre planning factors;
  3. Goal Setting;
  4. Roles of coach before, after and during the session;
  5. Building and Managing Session Content;
  6. Structure of Session; and
  7. The Review et cetera.

AHF partner POLYTAN powered this workshop.

Following coaches from Asia and Africa participated in the workshop:

  1. Janardhana CB
  3. Harvinder Singh Saini
  4. Ankitha BS
  5. Olayiwola Zainab Joke
  6. Saba Saeed
  7. Intekhab Alam
  8. Bello Musa Adeoye
  9. Abdou Mostafa Mahmoud
  10. Yanuar Pribadi
  11. Kariappa Bollepanda Joyappa
  12. Vandana Uikey
  13. Mappajalling,S.Pd
  14. Leecon Hadaga
  15. Ishmael Watipa
  16. Manuel Carballo



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