Asian Hockey Federation President Congratulates Korean Hockey Federation President on Paris 2024 Appointment


In a gesture of camaraderie and admiration within the realm of international sports, Mr. Fumio Ogura, President of the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF), extends his warmest congratulations to Mr. Lee Sang-hyun, President of the Korean Hockey Federation, on his recent appointment as the Deputy Chef De Mission for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

As Deputy Chef De Mission, Mr. Lee will assume a pivotal position in guiding and inspiring athletes as they prepare to represent their respective nations on the grand stage of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. President Ogura expresses his unwavering confidence in Mr. Lee’s abilities, citing his extensive experience and exemplary track record as key assets that will contribute to the success of the delegation.

President Ogura emphasizes the importance of Mr. Lee’s leadership, strategic acumen, and ability to foster a collaborative environment in ensuring the smooth operation and triumph of the Asian delegation at the upcoming Games. He highlights Mr. Lee’s role in upholding the values of Olympism and fostering excellence among athletes from across the continent.

President Ogura reaffirms his trust in Mr. Lee’s capabilities to represent the Asian Hockey Federation with distinction and to provide unwavering support to athletes in their pursuit of excellence at the pinnacle of competitive sports.

Mr. Ogura’s message stands as a testament to the spirit of solidarity and mutual respect that characterizes the international sporting community, underscoring the significance of Mr. Lee’s appointment and the profound impact it will have on the Paris 2024¬†Olympic¬†Games

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