Asian Hockey Federation Successfully Concludes its Executive Board Meeting

The meeting was conducted online on 3rd July 2021



The AHF Executive Board Meeting 2021 took place earlier today. In consideration of the global pandemic situation, the Executive Board meeting was held online.

The meeting was a huge success and saw 100% participation.

On behalf of the Asian Hockey Federation, President AHF Dato Fumio formally congratulated Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah on becoming FIH Honorary Member, he then congratulated recently approved new member national associations and recently elected presidents of national associations.

There was a wide variety of topics covered in the meeting by Chief Executive Dato Tayyab Ikram, which included detailed updates on Events, development, education, AHF communications, pitch project and Olympic solidarity among many others. The following are some key points brought up in the meeting:

AHF Progress Update

Updates on the FIH Congress outcomes and awards, new member national associations, online Education efforts, Development & Engagement Projects and an update on Commercial Activation were given to the Executive Board.

The progress of the Communications & Social Media department was also highlighted briefly.


The AHF Cups 2021 for both Men & Women were allocated to Indonesia as approved by the Executive Board today.

All AHF Events and their rescheduled dates were discussed along with the 2021 events calendar and the measures that need to be kept in mind in order to protect athletes. Relevant global events along with their timeline were also presented to the Executive Board.

The AHF Events included Men’s & Women’s Junior Asia Cups (possible window discussed), Men’s & Women’s Asian Champions Trophy and Men’s and Women’s AHF Cups. A special update regarding qualification for Junior World Cups was also included. The detailed insight on events was presented by Mr Mathavan and Ms Elisabeth.

Sports Manager Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Satoshi Kondo, gave an update on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

An update on the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 was also provided to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board was briefed on the Masters’ Hockey by Mr Sarinder Dillon.

A special report on South East Asian (SEA) Games was presented by the Vice-President AHF & SEA Games CEO Dato’ Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat.

Development, Engagement and Education

AHF Development, Engagement and Education report was presented as a vital organ of the meeting.

Development Updates included the AHF Online Engagement and national associations’ activities.

AHF has successfully organized 123 development Activities during this year which include 93 online engagement activities, 23 equipment support projects, pitch projects and youth training camps.

The Yokoyama Hide development projects for Under-Privileged youth in Asia and the Sultan Azlan Shah Award were presented in detail, their significance and role in the development of hockey in Asia was highlighted.

Central Asia Development Projects were also presented to the Executive Board in detail.

Under the development, the engagement activities and events organized by national associations, despite the ongoing pandemic situation, were highly appreciated. There were a number of national-level events organized all over Asia with exclusive features for youth as well.

Special initiatives of Iran regarding beach hockey were presented to the Executive Board for their appreciation and approval.

14 National Associations were given an exclusive appreciation for their massive participation in Olympic Day.

Shahid Baheshti AHF International Hockey Academy was approved for Iran by the Executive Board subject to their ability to meet the terms and conditions.

The Olympic Solidarity planning for the national associations was discussed in detail.

New Norms – Online Education and Learning

As a very exclusive feature, the plan on the advancement of the AHF online education system and introducing new norms in our already existing system was presented to the Executive Board.

This planning included engagement through digital communication channels, online and face-to-face interaction with elite coaching experts, twinning opportunities for NAs and other quality aspects of the program.

AHF Pitch Project

Bangladesh Air Force Pitch Project as a joint venture of AHF and Bangladesh Air Force is near completion.

The segment also discussed the other recent achievements of the AHF Pitch Projects and the ongoing efforts on the subject.

As per the AHF vision, the AHF pitch project is a vital element of shaping the future of hockey in Asia.

AHF Digital Communications

The executive board was briefed on the progress of AHF Digital Communication progress.

The contents of the briefing included Growth, exclusive engagement activities and the new initiatives.


Chief Executive AHF Dato’ Tayyab extended his best wishes to the national teams of Hockey India, Japan Hockey Association and China Hockey Association for participation in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.



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