At 10am on 18 July, 1976 the whistle blew in the opening match of the 1976 Montreal Olympics between India and Argentina.


. This whistle rang out around the hockey world. It was Turf Day 1.

From this day on, hockey would never be the same. Over the following 25 years, hockey turfs became more and more common, and a new generation of turf-native players arrived. With them came an explosion of skill and speed as the game transitioned fully from grass to turf.

Hockey’s transformation is perhaps unique in sport. The game became more dynamic and thrilling as the potential of a perfect surface was realised.

18th July is a date to celebrate the enjoyment of hockey for all players around the world. With fast running, 3D skills, 360 degree fluidity, slap hits, tomahawks, drag flicks, shave tackles…

Happy Turf Day to the game we love.

Hit the link in our bio to watch ‘The Surface’, a unique hockey documentary, where hockey stars including Jamie Dwyer, Luciana Aymar and Ric Charlesworth discuss hockey’s transformation from grass to turf.

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