Chinese Women’s Team Ready for Tokyo!



The National women’s team, has been on, the past few months training for the Tokyo Olympic Games at the Huangcun Sports Training Center in Guangzhou.

The Chinese girls are a strong force in the international hockey world and have qualified for the Olympic Games for six consecutive years. At the Beijing Olympics, the team won the silver medal, the best result in the team’s history.

“The overall strength of the Chinese team is at a disadvantage, we have to be in the right position. During the preparation period we have improved defence, attack, physical fitness, cohesion and so on, in order to achieve good results”, coach Wang Yang said that at the Tokyo Olympics, the team’s first opponent is the host country, Japan: “if you can win the game to build confidence, the next three matches against Spain, Argentina and Australia will be of great benefit.”

For the players, regardless of the outcome of the competition, they hope to pass on the Chinese women’s team fighting spirit to the Games: “We haven’t played with a foreign team in a long time because of the pandemic. This year we practised very hard, and now we want to test the results of training”, Zhong Jiaqi, a 21-year-old Guangdong girl, said to Sohu press.



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